Charger connector tester

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We are now a part of Sønderborg Vækstråd!

Through improving our management capabilities and support on our digital transformation journey, we hope to provide better and easily accessible customer experience.

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Stepper motor drivers

Our most versatile stepper motor drivers can drive both unipolar and bipolar stepper motors, perform lifetime tests for months while continually measuring voltage and temperature, force and pressure conditions. Scale-up is easy thanks to modular connection for parallel testing of units and a connection to an IoT network.

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Akihito's internship experience

If you are curious what is it like to work at CCM Electronic Engineering, watch this interview with our Electronics hardware intern, Akihito from Japan.

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Valve Test Station at Welltec

Welltec produces material for downhole pumping, such as oil production or in geothermal powerplants. This requires pipes that can withstand very high pressure of thousands PSI, and in them valves controlling the flow - there is no room for error. This is an automation case study of a test station for these valves.

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