Programmable Decade Board

0-999,9Ω Programmable resistor decade board with step of 0,1Ω and Maximum power rating up to 10W

  • The device can be adjusted to desired resistance value by 8 digital inputs (5V logic levels, maximum 24V). It is possible to use a microcontroller, such as Arduino. In the photos, you can see the product connected to National Instruments VirtualBench (not included with the product. We can send you a compatible LabVIEW application for control via PC for FREE upon request.)
  • Easy mounting on DIN rail racks with integrated mounting system.  

We specialize in custom electronics development. If you need a variation of this product or would like to have the programmable resistor decade board integrated in a larger device, please contact us.

Basic price: 20.000DKK excl. VAT

Ask us if you have any questions about the product.


Output resistance (J1)

Resistance between J1 terminals is calculated as: Rtot = V x 100R + X x 10R + Y x 1R + Z x 0,1R

Where V, X, Y, Z are the multipliers for the individual decades.

0-999,9Ω +-1%
Maximum power rating for 100R, 10R, 1R decades 10W
Maximum power rating for 0,1R decade 2W
Maximum current through J1 - Constant Resistance 2,5Arms
Maximum current through J1. Resistance is switched 1Arms
Maximum voltage between J1 terminals and GND  230Vrms
Power supply J2 24VDC +-5%, max. 200mA
Control signals J3. Nominal input voltage 5V logic level. 22kΩ pull up to 5V
Maximum input voltage 24V. Iin @24V 1,7mA
Cooling fans start temperature (board surface) ~70oC
Maximum ambient temperature 40oC
Mounting DIN rail 32/35
Dimensions l x b x h(above DIN rail) 403 x 126 x 69 mm

 The decade board should be placed with adequate space around, bearing in mind that the total power dissipation can reach 20W.

Control interface

Address input
A3 A2 A1 A0 
0 0
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
A 9
B 9
C 9
D 9
E 9
F 9


    LEx = HI: Latch is transparent. Multiplier follows address.

    LEx = LO: Multiplier is locked to address present in the moment LEx is set LO.













Board Layout

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