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Sensor distribution in Denmark

High quality sensors from AMETEK Solartron Metrology and Atek Sensor Technologies made easy - we will help you to choose the right products and be available for any support you need.

We offer products with the highest quality available on the market, including digital and analog probes for special applications and sensitive samples, encoders, flowmeters, angle sensors, transmitters and many more. The digital probes can easily be connected, whether to PLC, National Instruments cRIO or a PC used for measurement. Very high resolution, excellent linearity and high data speed come as standard. We are Denmark-based distributor shipping to and from Denmark and we are an exclusive distributor for several of the products in our catalog (ask us for availability in other countries). Many products are on stock and can arrive to you within a few business days.

Visit AMETEK Solartron website and Atek Sensor Technologies website for a full catalog and product specifications. You can read more about the product lines in dedicated sections on this site.

Contact us directly to purchase the products or if you have any questions.

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