Meet our team

A group of dedicated professionals and experts, ready to take on new challenges and support our clients.

Everyone in the company is interested in technology and trained in engineering or software, typically with a long education.

Claus Chr. Moos
CEO and owner


Frank Kjeldsen
COO & Development engineer

René Marius Ringholm
Mechatronic engineer

Tove Clausen
Mechanical engineer

Leif Jørgensen
Electronics engineer

Mathias Skouman Völcker
Electronic Development Engineer

Rasmus Ejlersen
LabVIEW & TestSTAND developer

Mohammad Zaabalawi
LabVIEW software architect

Ricky Jakobsen
Software developer

Robin Bjerregaard Jensen
Software developer

Abdiel Maldonado Marquez
Software developer

Ebbe Thorsen
Software developer

Philip Rasch Kornbeck
Development engineer

Akihito Harasawa

Akihito Harasawa

Dragoș Andrei Petrut
Student worker

Andrea Tothova
Business engineer & PR

Company details

  • CCM | electronic engineering
  • Grundtvigsallè 175 1., 6400 Sønderborg
  • CVR: 33750870

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