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CCM - Electronic Engineering was founded in the beginning of 2006 by Claus Chr. Moos. Since then, we are a trusted partner to over hundred companies in and outside of Denmark for which we work on many projects each year.

The company offers a wide range of engineering and delivers custom turnkey systems.



We are pushing the boundaries for custom test systems.



Impress our customers with the best possible solutions for assuring product quality.

We build our systems using National Instruments Hardware and Software, and have done so for more than 10 years.

We have certified developers on our team, and we are the only certified LabVIEW partners in Sønderjylland (Denmark).

We love complex systems and build them routinely. We will take care of your project from concept to realisation and beyond.

Our typical customers are manufacturing and production companies in need of device testing and quality control, but also other automation focused businesses, large and small.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority, and we work hard on continuous improvement and keeping up with the latest trends.


CCM - electronic engineering works within:

Test systems / test stands

  • Development of complete test setups including electronics, software and mechanical build
  • Mechanic/Connector test technology
  • Quality control in metal industry
  • For electronics and more


PC Based data collection and control

  • Sampling
  • Analog-to-digital data conversion
  • Data processing and presentation
  • Communication with external instruments
  • Structured archiving of test data
  • Database interaction

Development of electronics

  • Embedded systems with microcontroller
  • Analog circuits, including sensor inputs
  • Closed loop control systems
  • Data communication with: CAN Bus, Ethernet, Infrared…
  • Power electronics, Motor control, PWM and TRIAC control
  • PCB Design / Layout
  • Programmable logic
  • Prototype testing
  • EMC design, Pre compliance + EMC facility test
  • Production maturation
  • Documentation 



  • Concept development / Visualization in the start-up phase
  • Enclosure of electronics in cabinet, integrated with connectors, buttons, display, keyboard…
  • Fixtures with test function, connectors, LEDs and user interface



  • Machine maintenance on site
  • Consulting
  • General engineering support

Company details

  • CCM Electronic Engineering ApS
  • Grundtvigsallè 175 1., 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark
  • CVR: 33750870

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