This is one of this year's thrilling projects we engaged in and delivered - the control system for Inline Active Heave Compensator(IAHC) unit to Serman & Tipsmark A/S and subsequently end customer SAFELINK AS. The SAFLINK IAHC is a tool enabling installation of offshore wind farms even in wavy conditions.

CCM's involvement primarily centered around the delivery of software control systems to the IAHC. We are delighted to be part of a project that is committed to a sustainable energy transition and be able to put our effort into enhancing energy efficiency.

Key highlights:

Software control system for the IAHC 700T

Complex architecture in LabVIEW, LabVIEW FPGA, Real-Time

  • Control system (realtime, few milliseconds loop rates)
  • Data acquisition (100+ sensors)
  • Battery management system, integration with charger
  • Gas Booster control system
  • Passive and active compensation system, based on accelerometer.

Communication Protocols

  • IO-Link
  • CANOpen
  • Modbus TCP
  • TCP/IP
  • UDP

Battery-driven system with WIFI connection to user interface (rugged tablet)

Intuitive and user-friendly user interface

Energy efficient, losses are regenerated to battery


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  • CCM Electronic Engineering ApS
  • Grundtvigsallè 175 1., 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark
  • CVR: 33750870

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