• 07-04-2020

    Vision Systems - Webinar

    Time to learn more?

    Join a webinar on vision systems led by our expert Mohammad, who will share his experience with building and programming vision systems using vision sensors. The agenda covers:

    • How vision systems acquire data
    • Lighting and related issues
    • Algorithms to machine process the data
    • Range of applications
    • Case studies and Learnings

    You will also have a chance to join a Q&A session at the end.

    When: April 28th from 10:00 – 11:30


    Interview with Ricky, an intern at CCM Electronic Engineering

    As a business set in Sønderborg, we are using the proximity to the University of Southern Denmark to hire interns and student workers. Aside from giving students the opportunity to get “real-life” work experience, we also believe that they can bring new ideas, knowledge and lots of enthusiasm into the company, resulting in a win-win situation. But what do the interns think?

  • SMD reel vision system setup
  • 17-02-2020

    SMD-ruller vision system

    Ikke mere stregkodescanning med hånden af SMD-ruller hos OJ Electronics. Dette vision-system scanner arbejdsområdet og automatisk identificerer og registrerer ikke kun selve stregkoden, men hele emnet. Skærmen signalerer operatøren at billederne er gemt i databasen og kan spores tilbage i forbindelse med kvalitetskontrol. Vi håber udover at øge proceshastigheden, at denne opsætning også vil aflaste medarbejderne for en irriterende opgave :)